Bitsy Log

A Safe, Private Place for Mom & Dad

With Facebook constantly changing their definition of privacy and the threat of an ever-present photo history of our lives, a safe place to share memories and information about your baby is becoming increasingly important.

Bitsy Log is a place that is safe and private, shared between just Mom and Dad.


Write down the memories that you never want to forget, the milestones that your child accomplishes along the way, and share photos with your spouse in a space that you can know is safe and secure.

Unlike other apps that are just for one parent— usually Mom— Bitsy Log is for Mom and Dad. When Mom posts a picture, Dad receives a notification. When Dad feeds the baby, Mom knows he didn’t forget.

If you decide that you want to share a memory with a bigger circle, you can easily send it to Facebook, Twitter, and Path.


Parents these days track a lot of information that allows them to see a better image of their child’s health and development. With Bitsy Log, you can see graphs of diaper changes, feeding, and sleep patterns.

Now you can easily see if there is a change in your child’s sleep, if they are eating less or if it is just your mind playing a trick on you, and much more.

Best of all, you can share reports securely with your pediatrician via email.

Bitsy Log is coming Fall 2014

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